RUDE Book / Why make a book?

Rude started when collapsed and internet shopping was over before it had begun, when ASOS was a start up company and dial up internet connection was cutting edge. Rude’s journey highlights the good times, creative output, over expansion, going bust and re-rise of a small creative agency, whose only desire is to make good stuff.
Our book entitled 'Time Flies When you're being Rude' brings together some of our creative highlights from the last 15 years. Designed by the wonderful Ico Design and printed by L&S printers onto GF Smith paper, our book is an eye popping journey.
The book is accessible from both sides, so has no front and no back, it is printed in 3 fluorescent colours throughout which indicate 5 year sections of Rude work. Our famous clients such as the BBC, Tate and Urban Outfitters have all commissioned our colourful and individual designs.
Thanks to all involved in the making of the book, we're exceptionally proud.

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