What did the Hippie have in his Bag from Abi Meats on Vimeo.

Manchester International Festival

Manchester International Festival (MIF) is an inspiring organisation that brings together a cultural fusion of live music, theatre and literary events taking place all over the city, every year.
We had worked previously with MIF, but this time they commissioned us to design the branding and poster for a new kid’s event called Music Boxes. The concept was to build an interactive music-based experience outside the BBC centre in Salford. The construction was made from shipping containers, piled on top of each other.
Each Music Box had an experience inside, from an orchestra that you conducted yourself, to a Zingzillas production by the BBC.
Rude was also asked to create an experience and a pop video, which are shown on the following pages.
The poster itself was a montage-based piece with black and white images of children, musical props and instruments. The artwork was used over printed literature, posters, banners and buses.