Joseph Joseph

Ten years ago, contemporary kitchenware brand Joseph Joseph asked us to come up with a collection of iconic imagery for their glass chopping boards. We wanted to do something different, so we decided to create 20th Century icons from fruit and veg. Hence the birth of Elvis Parsley who was made from aubergines, lentils and liquorice.
We visited the local fruit and veg market many times and also created the Queen from cauliflower, leeks and blackberries, whereas Marilyn Monroe had a hairdo fashioned from onions.
The success of Elvis prompted a call from Paul McCartney’s PA, inviting us in to meet Sir Paul, who loved the images we’d made. Aside from being completely starstruck (us, not him) we had a lengthy conversation about his first encounter with Elvis and Linda McCartney’s sausages. It transpired that he wanted us to make a similar picture of him and suggested that we use green beans to make his hair. The meeting concluded with Paul putting ‘Hound Dog’ on his jukebox and the three of us dancing around to it.