‘Brains’ is the name of the menswear and accessory label we created for ITV’s Thunderbirds.

Our inspiration came from the geeky scientist of the same name, created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson in the 1960s. We imagined that Brains had devised the collection around his needs, like the T-shirt with a long test tube shaped pocket that he could pop his glasses into. Although we used some graphics of Brains himself, we wanted the collection to be more subversive and based around his precise nature. Rude curated the whole project, covering all aspects needed for a successful launch. This included the design and manufacture of the collection, a viral film and lookbook, press day attendance and an e-commerce site to sell direct to consumers.

The label had immediate lift off and sold out at selected stores.

FINAL IVE GOT BRAINS(BBox) from Abi Meats on Vimeo.

Brains- 43secs_v1 from Abi Meats on Vimeo.